STEEL Rewards


1.1. Reward Point: A reward program for all members.

1.2. Value: 1 Reward Point is equivalent to 1,000 VND.


2.1.  Training Reward Points:

a. Applicable to members who trained with PT.
b. 50 Reward Points are awarded for each personal training session. Points are credited immediately after completing the session. Canceled sessions do not qualify.

2.2. Referral Reward Points:

a. Members are rewarded with Reward Points for referring new members, except in the following cases:

i. The new member purchases a package not listed on the Official Price List.
ii. The new member is a former member who rejoins the club within 2 years of leaving.
iii. The new members join on the same day.
iv. The new members are a couple but only purchase one package.Referral points or rewards are credited at the end of each month.

2.3. Other Reward Points:Members may be awarded points for participating in and meeting the requirements of marketing programs/campaigns organized by STEEL.Details on the conditions and point levels are specified in the rules of each program.


3.1. Members must have an active membership to use Reward Points.

3.2. Reward Points can be used to purchase:

a. Day passes, personal training sessions, and recovery sessions
b. Packages listed on the Official Price List
c. F&B from STEEL or STEEL's partners
d. Merchandise from STEEL or STEEL's partners.

3.3. Reward Points cannot be combined with any other promotional programs.

3.4. Reward Points cannot be converted into cash under any circumstances.

3.5. Reward Points are non-transferable to other members.

3.6. Members cannot use Reward Points to purchase products specified in Clause 3.2. for other members.


4.1. Reward Points expire on March 31st of each year. Reward Points will not be rolled over and will reset to 0 on April 1st.

4.2. Reward Points will not be frozen when a member freezes their membership.