Member Policies


1.1. “STEEL”: STEEL Saigon Joint Stock Company

1.2. “Member”: Individuals who sign a service contract with STEEL

1.3. “Additional Member”: Individuals who are shared a membership package by the main member

1.4. “Contract”: Service contract signed between STEEL and the member


These rules and regulations are set forth to ensure the best possible training conditions and quality for all members.

2.1. Operating hours: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday to Friday; 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday; 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Sunday. In the event of partial or full gym closure, STEEL will plan to notify Members unless in cases of force majeure. STEEL commits to minimizing disruptions to Members' training processes.

2.2. Members are strictly prohibited from smoking, consuming alcohol, beer, alcoholic beverages, and substances prohibited by Vietnamese law.

2.3. Members must not engage in or commit any acts that violate the law.

2.4. Members are not allowed to bring pets, outside food, and beverages into the gym.

2.5. Members must wear appropriate workout clothes and specialized shoes suitable for the training environment. Members are not allowed to remove their shirts while exercising. Members must return STEEL's workout clothes, shoes, socks, workout towels, and locker keys after use.

2.6. Members are not permitted to use external PT or provide this service at STEEL.

2.7. Members are not allowed to film, photograph, or publicize images of other Members without their consent and STEEL's permission.

2.8. Members must maintain general hygiene.

2.9. Members must return workout equipment to their original positions after completing their training sessions.

2.10. STEEL provides space for Members to store water and personal belongings. Therefore, Members are not allowed to bring easily breakable water bottles into the workout area to prevent hazards.

2.11. Members must not throw or drop weights onto the floor (including in the free weight area), causing loud noises or endangering other Members.

2.12. Members should avoid bringing expensive items or large amounts of cash to the gym. STEEL provides lockers for Members during their training sessions; therefore, Members are responsible for safeguarding their personal belongings.

2.13. STEEL shall not be held liable for any circumstances in which Members fail to comply with the regulations set forth by STEEL or situations beyond STEEL's management capabilities.

2.14. Depending on the severity of the violation, STEEL has the rights to: Terminate the service immediately; Terminate the member's membership immediately; Apply a fine and compensation fee; Cooperate with the competent authorities to resolve the issue if the Member violates any of the policies in this document, causing harm to STEEL's business operations and affecting other members.


3.1. Members under 18 years old must have the consent of their parents/legal representatives. Members under 15 years old can only register for personal training packages.

3.2. Members will become members and enjoy exclusive membership benefits immediately upon successful payment for the service. The membership package will take effect from the date of signing the contract.


4.1. The membership term is the term of the contract that the member signed on the first day of training, plus the number of days reserved (as specified in Clause 7) and the additional days depending on each specific case decided by the BOD.

4.2. If a member has more than 01 contract, they can request to suspend 01 contract to use the remaining contract. Otherwise, the two contracts will operate in parallel and the member's term will be calculated based on the contract with the longer term.

4.3. Members have 30 days to renew their contract or register for another package from the expiration date of the old package. After 30 days, if the member does not renew or register for another package, STEEL will terminate your membership.

4.4. If a Member has a legitimate reason and wants to extend the time in point c., please send a request via email to for support.


5.1. Members have the right to unilaterally terminate their membership for any reason.

5.2. Additional Members cannot terminate the contract.

5.3. In case a Member is terminated by STEEL, STEEL will not refund any costs.


6.1. Members can freeze their package for free up to 6 times or for a maximum of 90 days.

6.2. For packages with additional members, only the main member can request the freeze.

6.3 After 90 days, the package will automatically reactivate. The package freeze period starts from the date the member receives a confirmation email of successful freezing.


7.1. When members renew their contract or purchase another training package before the contract expiration date, all remaining PT sessions will be transferred to the new training package. After this period, the policy of Rollover PT Sessions will not be applicable.

7.2. Members cannot transfer accumulated PT sessions to others.


8.1. Members have the right to transfer their package usage rights to another person, with the following exceptions:The member is a additional member.The package has expired.The package is still valid but has been extended through the rollover policy.

8.2. A transfer fee of VND 1,000,000 (One million Vietnamese Dong) per transfer will be applied.

8.3. After a successful transfer, the original member will no longer be considered a member and will not be entitled to any membership benefits. The transferee must provide the necessary information to complete the registration process and become a member.

8.4. The new member will not inherit the STEEL Reward Points accumulated by the previous member during their training.


9.1. Members may share their package with another member if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the current pricing table.

9.2. Each package may only have a maximum of one (1) additional member.

9.3. Additional members enjoy the same benefits, rights, and obligations as the main member, except for the following:

a.  Contract Termination
b.  Package Freeze
c.  Package Transfer


10.1. Self-training Members are allowed to train freely and may access the gym at any time during STEEL's operating hours.

10.2. Members Training with Personal Trainers or Using Recovery Services:

a. For Members training with personal trainers, customers book directly with their assigned personal trainer. Members are allowed to reschedule once per training session; rescheduled sessions cannot be canceled.

b. For Members using Recovery services, appointments are booked via the hotline +84 932 301 277. Members are allowed to reschedule appointments once per day within a 2-hour timeframe on the same day, if only there are available slots with the therapist during that time frame.

c. If a Member wants to cancel a scheduled booking, they must notify STEEL at least 2 hours in advance. If cancellation occurs within the 2-hour window before the scheduled appointment, the session will still be canceled, but the system will register it as a successful appointment booking.

d. Members who arrive late must still end their training/recovery session at the scheduled time.


11.1. STEEL reserves the right to modify package and service prices at any given time. Members may terminate their contract in accordance with Clause 5 of this policy if they no longer agree with the new pricing policy.

11.2. If a member does not terminate their membership before the new pricing policy takes effect, the new prices will be applied to their next contract renewal or service purchase.

11.3 STEEL does not publicly disclose pricing information on social media platforms. Price quotations are only issued by STEEL's official consultants and the Member Care Department via email upon request. STEEL shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members who rely on information from unreliable sources.


12.1. Members may submit inquiries, suggestions, and complaints via the hotline +84 931 302 177 or email

12.2 The Customer Services Department commits to responding to all information received from Members within a maximum of 5 working days (excluding Sundays)


More information on the STEEL Reward Points program can be found here.