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From beginner to confidently running 10km in just 12 weeks


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What is YOUR FIRST 10KM program?

Everyone can run but 10KM is a benchmark to know if you have the foundational aerobic system and the right muscle strength to support this sport. 


Your First 10KM program is designed to equip any beginner with efficient running techniques and foundation muscle strength to support running activities. So you can sustainably pursue this sport and avoid any future injury.


Basic running techniques and understanding of running data.

Science-based program provided and close monitoring of your progress or any recovery issue.

Recommending 3-4 sessions per week with a variety of different running program to build up your endurance.


A program of unilateral exercise and full body exercise to: 

Eliminate muscular weaknesses

Enhance overall movement patterns

Isolate running-specific movements

Amplify movement efficiency

Promote holistic health and strength

Safeguard against potential injuries

Strengthen your core for improved stability and performance


A personalised, science-based nutrition plan that aims to fuel your body and equip with the essential supplementation.

A recovery schedule to ensure you get enough rest to progress.

Join our YOUR FIRST 10KM program today and unleash your full running potential. Embrace a sustainable journey, redefine your limits, and pave the way to a fitter, stronger you!
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