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Nguyen The Hung

Hypertrophy Coach

With a self-deprecating appearance, Hung was soon into sports. Hung began practicing push-ups for an hour a day when he was 12 and 13.

At the age of 15, Hung took fitness seriously as his personal hobby. Hung's looks and health have both improved dramatically after 7 years of consistent practice, making everyone around him express respect for his tireless efforts.

Hung has 4 years of expertise as a personal trainer and has always been helping clients overcome self-doubt about their looks and regain confidence in their daily life.

His favourite exercise is Deadlift.
The deadlift is an excellent muscle-building exercise.
It requires the smooth coordination of many simultaneous movements, so it takes a lot of time to practice.

Nguyen The Hung


Advocate (INFJ-T)


- STEEL Tempered 1
- Bachelor of Marketing, Van Lang University

Results only come to those who put in the effort.

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