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Nguyen Minh Truong

Hormones & Hypertrophy Coach

Truong, who grew up in a martial arts family, quickly showed his talent and enthusiasm for athletics. Unfortunately, at the age of 17, Truong broke his ligament in a motobike accident. To help himself recuperate from surgery, he took up bodybuilding, and since then, going to the gym every day has become a major part of his life.

With the desire to become a professional fitness trainer, Truong went abroad to study and practice exercise more thoroughly. Being able to help people improve their overall health and have better control over their bodies strengthen his passion for the profession even more.

His favourite exercise is Deadlift.
The deadlift, which strength the posterior chain, can be quite beneficical in everyday life.

Nguyen Minh Truong


Mediator (INFP-T)


- STEEL Tempered 1
- NASM Model (Provided by Physical Coaching Academy - Belgium)
- Optimization Movement (Thibarmy) (Provided by Ballistic Training Institute)
- Gen Pop Client (Provided by Clean Health Fitness Institute)
- Fitness Instructor EQF Level 3 (Provided by The European Register Of Exercise Professional)
- Advanced Programing Design Level 2 (By H.T Training)
- French Course Level B1 (Provided by Liège University)

"Forget about what other people think and find what works well for you"

- John Meadow

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