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Lam Thanh Long

Strength & Conditioning Coach

At the age of 16, as a skinny, malnourished boy, Long came to the gym with a desire to change his old habits and improve his physique. After 2 years of training and realizing the positive change brought about by resistance training, Long decided to become a Fitness coach when he was 18 years old. With a deep passion for sports science, Long continuously researched and updated his knowledge in order to help the people around him become better in the most evidence-based method.

After 3 years in the Fitness industry and a professional Powerlifter, Long brings to his clients peace of mind when it comes to his professionalism as well as his dedication to the craft of coaching people.

His favourite exercise is Deadlift.
It is the ultimate functional movement. The deadlift is a good indicator of absolute raw strength. While there are other great ways to test strength and power, the deadlift is considered a solid test of true strength, and so in the process of building a big deadlift, you’ll gain a lot of strength along the way.

Lam Thanh Long


Logistician (ISTJ-T)


- STEEL Tempered 1
- CPT NASM Essentials Of Personal Fitness Training
- Nutrifort Fitness Education Programs - Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor
- Certificate of Bodybuilding and Fitness Coach at Vietnam Weightlifting and Fitness Federation - VBWF

The body cannot achieve what the mind cannot conceive.

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