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Say goodbye to belly fat and hello to abs-olute summer body

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In 90 days, we will highly focus on getting your weight down to an optimal range, hence your body fat to a healthy level. At the same time, building foundational muscle mass to support your everyday life and a substantial body weight that can be maintained for long term.


A personalised, science-based nutrition plan that promotes gradual cutting down of calories intake, as well as incorporating diet breaks to help your diet journey less stressful.

You will get close follow-up & progress monitoring from our Coach to ensure success.

Maximise your energy expenditure with progressive overload training program that not only make you burn more calories, but also building foundational muscle mass to insist your natural energy consumption.

You will get 3-4 Resistance Training per week following a personalised training program to your level and personal reference.


Tracking and increasing your everyday total steps also contribute to a fat-loss success without putting too much "exercise" stress on your body. Our coach will incorporate more ways to get your step goal.

Alternatively, taking on running is also another fun way to burn more calories while learning a new skill. A beginner, stress-free running program is also provided for you should you choose to lose weight & learn to run at the same time.

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