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What is the Reward System?

Reward System is a rewarding program for all members of STEEL. You earn points from activities and redeem them for STEEL rewards.

Who is eligible?

All members of STEEL are eligible for the Reward System.


Training Session

Member Subscription 1 month

01 PT Session


Recovery Service

01 Recovery Session







Voucher 2.000.000đ

Voucher 3.000.000đ

Voucher 4.000.000đ

Voucher 5.000.000đ

How can you earn points?

Training Reward

01 PT Session = 05 Points

High Fequency Reward

12 PT Sessions per month = 65 Points
16 PT Sessions per month = 90 Points

STEEL Challenge Reward

Participate in STEEL’s different Private Challenges to win more points
*Point prizes varied for each Challenge

Referral Reward

Introduce more friends & family to become STEEL Members
*Point prizes varied

How are points calculated?

Point Value:
1 point = 10.000 VND.

What can I redeem points for?

You can redeem points for free snacks and beverages in our F&B Menu at STEEL Bar, or merchandise items including Training Socks, T-Shirts, Handwash, Massage Tools, Massage Oil, Resistance Band, and Jump Rope. Besides, you can also use points to get free Sport Massage, Stretching, and PT Sessions.

Can I combine it with other discounts?

No. The Reward System cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Can I transfer my points to someone else?

Yes. You can transfer your points to other members at STEEL. Contact STEEL Team to process the transfer.

No. The points can only be exchanged for our F&B menu, merchandise items, and services at STEEL.

Can I exchange points for cash?

You can choose to redeem your points for vouchers to pay for other products and services which are not on the list above. The voucher will be applied on the official price list at the time of redemption.

Point value: 1 Point = 10.000 VND.


Train Hard, Earn Points, and Get Rewards – That’s how the system works.

Terms & Conditions

  • 1 Point is equivalent to 10,000 VND

  • Points will be automatically added / deducted from your Account by the system, accompanied by an email notification of Account change

  • Besides the products and services are listed in the Reward Redeem table, you can choose to exchange your points for a voucher of the same value to use to pay for other products, services, and packages not included in the Reward Redeem table.

  • If you use points to exchange for cash vouchers to buy other products and services at STEEL, the exchange voucher will be applied on the Official price lists at the time of Redeem

  • Do not use in conjunction with other discounts, including Member discount

  • For Customer who successfully refer friends and relatives to become STEEL Members, Referral Reward points equivalent to the registered training package will be added to your Account

  • You can transfer your existing Points to relatives and friends who are currently STEEL Members

  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash in any form

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