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Private Training

Customise your training experience, and enjoy every workout session tailor-made to your goals, strength, and unique lifestyle.


Health Assessment

The data says it all. We conduct a detailed assessment to collect data on your health and fitness conditions. Based on the result of postural, muscle length, cardiovascular, and functional movement tests, our coaches design a program that works best for you.


Training Program

STEEL offers personalised program based on your body condition, lifestyle, schedule, diet and goals to help you achieve results and enjoy your workout at the same time.

Monthly Report

You will receive a report of achievement every month. This includes analysis of the muscle group you have been working on, and the progress you have been making. All will be saved and documented as your personal fitness journey at STEEL.


Reward System

You can earn points from activities and redeem for free snacks & beverages, merchandise items, recovery service & PT sessions.


For you to have the best experience before and after training sessions, STEEL offers special snacks and beverages at the bar. Here you can also make interesting new friends.


Where fitness meets hospitality. STEEL creates a nurturing environment for your body and your mind. Not only provide you with luxury gym, co-working space, lounge, and bar, we put our thoughts into the smallest details, from personalised towels and workout clothes to toiletries and more.

Personalised Training Methods

Get your health journey started at STEEL

As a new customer, you are invited to train at STEEL for 01 trial session.

Come and experience for yourself our Training, Hospitality & Service.

Muscle Building

Building muscle can be an aesthetic journey to discover what you want your body to look like. Work with our trainer to unlock your muscle mass potential and transform how you feel and move.


Better endurance means better performance. Your capability to sustain exercises will be improved thanks to our personalised training program. Get ready to maximize your potential with us.

Strength Training

No matter what age or gender you are, we are here to guide you through your journey to discover and push yourself beyond limitation.

Fat Loss

Fat loss is a unique journey for each person. Some make it quickly but others struggle through their training. With a scientific-based approach toward nutrition and exercising, we aim to personalise every aspect of the program to reach your body goal in the shortest time.

General Health

A holistic care for your health and fitness is what STEEL aims to provide through resistance & flexibility training, supplementation, and recovery.

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