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Member Subcription

The most affordable way to experience our personalised workout journey and high-end facility. With the dedicated companionship of our coaches, nothing stops you from discovering your real strength.

Explore the benefits you can get from STEEL

Get your health journey started at STEEL

As a new customer, you are invited to train at STEEL for 01 trial session.

Come and experience for yourself our Training, Hospitality & Service.


Weekly PT Session

We arrange weekly PT sessions to help you train on techniques and accompany your health journey. 



Training Program

We provide you with a personalised workout plan based on your body condition, lifestyle, schedule, personality and goals. The plan is refined every three months.


Up to 20% on Services & Merchandises 

Our Member Subscription Package brings you a special offer of up to 20% off when using our premium services and merchandises at STEEL Shop.


Unlimited Access to

Multiple Facilities

From high-end equipment to strikingly beautiful personalised amenities, as a member of STEEL, you have unlimited access to all. Not just a regular gym, we offer you a new kind of luxury.

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