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Center House Rules

  • You will receive a pass to use the gym. Your card may under no circumstances be lent to a third party. If exposed, STEEL reserves the right to terminate your  membership.

  • If the pass is lost, you must notify the Customer Service Department to get a new card with a fee of 500,000 VND.

  • Shoes and clothing that are suitable for training. In the gym, you must not at any time remove your shirt.

  • Use of PT outside of STEEL or the sale of this service at STEEL are both expressly prohibited. If exposed, STEEL reserves the right to terminate your membership at our sole discretion.

  • Without the consent of that member and STEEL, you may not take pictures, record videos, or distribute images of other members.

  • Keep the environment clean.

  • When going to practise, try to avoid bringing large amounts of cash and valuables. When you bring your property, you will be in charge of it; STEEL will not be held liable for any loss or damage to it.

  • Avoid dropping or throwing weights on the ground (even in the free weight area), as this could endanger nearby residents.

  • Do not disrupt the unity or endanger your safety or the safety of others.

  • Absolutely no use of alcohol, beer, tobacco, and various prohibited things at STEEL.

  • Absolutely do not participate in and carry out the operating scope at STEEL.

  • Follow the instructions for use of each device and the applicable rules of the training area.

  • Use equipment and supplies at the gym carefully, Members will be responsible for any damage caused by its use of equipment or items at the gym.

  • Do not bring pets into the Gym area. If a member accompanies another member to practise, the accompanying person must rest at the prescribed rest area, without affecting other members.

  • Comply with all regulations and policies issued by STEEL.

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