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Booking Policy

Booking Policies

  • Members book directly with their coach. The training schedule will be recorded in STEEL's system.

  • Members are allowed to cancel the booked session at least 2 hours before the training time. In case a member cancels the training session less than 2 hours before the practice time, the training session will be cancelled, however the system will still record this training session as successfully scheduled.

  • Members are allowed to reschedule for 2 hours the same day after cancelling the booked session.

  • Members are allowed to reschedule 1 time before the practice time/ day.

  • Please be there with the coach at the appointed time. The practice session must still end on time even if you arrive late.

Check In

  • Please bring your Membership Card and present it at the Reception for each training session.

  • In case you forget to bring your Card, please fully declare your personal information when signing the contract at the Reception desk to confirm your identity.

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