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Recovery Services

Free your body from all the tension and immerse yourself in the moment of care with STEEL’s recovery therapy. We offer Full-Body Massage, Sport Massage, and Stretching Services to help you relax, recover and come back stronger after your workout.

Ready to give your muscle a treat?

Sport Massage

To elevate your training performance and reduce the risk of injury, sport massage targets the “ muscle knots” on the deepest tissue layers. Let your body release, recover, and get ready to conquer the next goals in your training journey.

Full-body Massage

Not only reducing muscle fatigue and relaxing your whole body, the full-body massage at STEEL also improves blood circulation, calms your mind, and helps you to concentrate and sleep better.


Just like a machine, to function well, your muscle needs time to rest and revive after every training session. Personalised stretching techniques help speed up post training recovery, restore vitality and improve your performance.

Let your body relax with STEEL’s recovery therapy

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